20/1 1997 - 14/7 2009
Breeder Helena Hansson & Magnus Eriksson
Owner Ylva Andersson
Burr has Racing license.

Burr the Aristocrat
Burr is a fun saluki gentleman with lots of very telling expressions and plenty of ideas.
He thinks it is great when new people come to visit because then he can do all his
cute tricks to get lots of treats, he will sit, beg and give high fives. When Burr was younger he
was very unsure of himself and did not like strangers.
He wanted to decide for himself who got to touch him and because of this he has only been to a few shows.
But today he is full of confidence. He has never been a nervous dog,
he handles busses and trams like an expert.
He also has no problem with gunfire and is very good at tracking in the forest.

Burr is a exceptionally nice old guy, he loves puppies and is the best puppy sitter.
He also thinks Thomas is great fun to be outside in the yard with because he kicks the ball so far away.
Burr is getting older now and likes to play on that fact,
he will pretend not to hear you but what he can hear it is very selective.