Emira has 2 swedish, 1 danish, 2 finnish & 2 norwegian CC.
She also has racing and lure coursing license and one lure coursing CC.
Emira was born at the 11th of december, 2004. Breeder Liz-Marie Seiholm & Anders Persson
Owner Marie SandinĀ“

The princess Emira
Emira is a very stable Saluki lady with excellent temperament and mentality, she is not bothered
with much not even thunder or gunshots. She never runs up to other dogs maybe because she isn't
bothered with them and thinks they are just annoying or she thinks they are really icky.
If we had more time we would also have done more obedience training with Emira
because she is very obedient and answers easily.

Emira is a very decisive lady that knows exactly what she wants.
She has her favourite places around the house and if they are taken by someone else she gets very cranky.
She can stand in front of them and psyche whoever is in her spot until they move away.
If that doesn't help she will bark out the window "oh, look something exiting, come look"
and of course everyone comes running and she can go and lie down in
her spot very pleased about her smart move.

Emira is the smartest saluki we have.
Sometimes we train with the activation boards because it is great to see them think.
Emira will think a little and then go for it.
One board is with several wood cubes with the treats underneath, she will grab them one by one and lift them away,
cool and methodical. All the others will just attack the boards so everything goes flying all over the floor.

She can also be very playful, she will bring the toys and best is if Thomas grabs one end so she can pull the other end.
She loves to chase the ball outside if Thomas kicks it very far away.
She goes totally crazy if we run the fourweeler and she loves to run next to it,
we can drive it at about 45-60 km/h and she will keep up.