Ritzas Peiriz

2010 december Emira visit tasha at home

2010 Denmark

Me and emira sits and relax on the beach. One of the beaches we went to.

This beach was several of kilometers long! You can take the car all the way down here so wonderful place.

It was very windy on the beach during those 5 days.

Emira enjoys running in the sand.

One of the hotels that we stayed in, in Skagen.Very nice when you are out in the sun,but O`boy what it blowed when we were there!

We stopped at place called"sandmilen" that are laying just before Skagen.We thought by the name did sound so nice ,miles of sand & sea.

But guess if we were thinking wrong!It was only hills and hills again so we went back to the car.

Emira get playful by running on the beach

Me and Emira is standing by grenå,2 different kind of sea meats kattegatt & skagerack

Glen is laying down and relaxing.He got emira to relax also,for a while at least

October 2010 Istorp
Lacke and Tasha´s first date ;-)
They are getting along very well,running around and having fun in the backyard.