Lacke has one lure coursing cac.

Lacke was born at the 23rd of august, 2005. Breeder Anette & Conny Ajanki
Owner Marie Sandin & Helena Jonsson, Töreboda

Charming Lacke
Lacke is a cool guy with a nice temperament.
He is very calm and relaxed, like all others in the family.
He is extremely easy to bring with you anywhere.
He has no food issues. Lacke is a mammas boy just like Ramzi and is also very close to my heart.
Lacke loves to lay in your lap, he thinks that he is small enough to fit easily as a lap-dog but he is almost 29kg.

Lacke loves people and hugs. Best of all is when someone comes for a visit because then
he can put his paws on their shoulders and pull them close for lots of kisses and hugs.
They might also need some nibbling at their chin which is extra nice.
Lacke is the big charmer. He has lately started to take after Ramzi so now he is also
stealing anything eatable from the stove.

As a puppy Lacke was a handful and loved to chew on everything he could sink his teeth into.
The list of chewed things got quite long and includes but is not limited to:
a sofa, kitchen furniture, three (!) new mobile phones, wallets, shoes and of course uncountable toys.
New toys used to be totally unrecognisable in less than five minutes.
But now (thankfully) he has grown up and only occasionally chews on something for old times sake.

Lacke loves to be outside playing with his football.
He loves Coursing, thinks it's great to hunt the "rabbit".
He has also tried racing but only wanted to play with the other dogs so we will wait a bit before trying again.