Ramzi 2008

21/3 1998 - 12/7 2009
Breeder Monika Nilsson.

Ramzi - My eternal heart of gold
Ramzi is an incredible saluki with a very stable temperament. Not much bothers him.
Just like Burr he grew up in the middle of the big city with everything that involves.
Ramzi is my absolute favourite and don't even want to think about the day he will no longer be here.
All the other dogs are of course also important to me, but Ramzi has a very special place in my heart.

Ramzi loves to go to shows and be the centre of attention, if he gets applause he will run even faster and lift
his tail and show off. He also loves to run coursing and racing. He will go absolutely crazy and even throw
him self into somersaults. But he is not like the other dogs out in the yard, they will run like mad but not Ramzi.
He will go and sit down to look at the others and then go back inside to lie down in the couch.
Ramzi has his favourite friends that he like to play with including a salukibitch named Tigris
and a Golden called Flamman. If either of them are visiting he will run like a maniac,
surprising everyone who didn't think he could or wanted to play.

Ramzi has never had any problems eating like some Salukis can have, it has been more of a problem for
us to hide everything eatable. We have had to dog proof the garbage cans with a locking device or he will
drag everything remotely eatable out onto the kitchen floor which he has managed to do a couple of times (before the lock).
It is impossible to leave anything out of sight even hot things on the stove will be tasted. Everything has to be tasted.
Ramzi is an expert at finding treats in peoples pockets, even if it is all gone he will know there at east used to be treats.
He has never been very interested in toys unless they involve treats of course.
Ramzi is always the happiest when he can be with you and loves to go with you
whereever you are going and he is always the perfect dog.